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Adamantios Korais,
Hereditary diseases: existance, nature, prevention, cure
Introduction, translation, comments: Konstantinos Herodotou

ISBN: 978-618-84272-0-4
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Seven years ago, Konstantinos Herodotou, head researcher of a scientific group working at the famous National Medical Academy of Paris (Bibliothèque de l’Academie Nationale de Médecine), discovered an unknown manuscript of Adamantios Korais, written in Latin during 1790, with the title De morborum haereditariorum: existentia, natura, prophylaxi et cura  ( Hereditary diseases: existence, nature, prevention, cure). The text was written for a competition organized by The Royal Medical Company of Paris, an innovative and dynamic medical and political institution influenced by the ideas of Enlightenment.
This rare essay adds a piece of a rather unknown view of Korais work: his medical education and experience. Konstantinos Herodotou’s introduction and comments shed light to this matter, presenting a work which remains important not only for the history of Medicine but also for the movement of the Greek Enlightenment and  for the history of ideas.  

This is the first publication of the book worldwide. A French edition will follow soon.

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